Fit for those who believe the future is precious



For those who appreciate sustainability. Faucets and showers that enable better living without sacrificing performance or design - responsibly made from the finest, most durable material.


For those who value the simple everyday moments. With a range of easy-to-use stylish faucets designed to bring comfort and safety to any kitchen.

Touchless faucets

For those ready to make smart choices. With touchless faucets that save water and energy, are safe and hygienic - perfectly fit for public and private spaces. New integrated Bluetooth®

Our products

Safe, durable, sustainable – and stylish – whatever your shower or faucet requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Spare parts

Spouts, caps, sensors – whether you’re upgrading a customer’s bathroom or need to make a repair, we’ll help you find the component you need. When you need it.

For professionals

Our products are easy to install, always reliable, and designed to fit any setting – saving you time and costs on planning, and ensuring they meet every requirement.

Fit for sustainable living

Oras makes living better by offering smart solutions that make the use of water easy and sustainable. Our products are timeless, both in form and functionality, and made to fit whatever life throws your way.

Fit for the 2,500 times we use our bathrooms each year. Fit for the morning breakfast routine and the mess of evening bath time. Fit for the minimalists, the rationalists and those who want a little something extra. Fit for those who care about the future of our planet. Fit for those who know safety comes first.

Responsibly made from the finest, most durable materials, our products are truly fit for life.

Latest news

Red Dot Award 2021 winners: Oras Hydractiva Digital and Oras Stela

The special feature of the digital hand shower Oras Hydractiva Digital, which has meanwhile won several awards, lies in the detail: An integrated display shows the current water and energy consumption in real time during the shower. This gives consumers the opportunity to improve their own ecological footprint and reduce water and energy costs during every comfortable shower. The smart shower head with real-time feedback combines modern design with sustainability and thus promotes a more conscious use of limited resources. To track long-term developments, the Bluetooth®-enabled Oras Hydractiva Digital can also be connected to a handy app.

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As our homes are getting smarter, and so are our kitchens. From fridges to faucets – here are the clever appliances that are taking over our kitchens in 2021.

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