Live More.

Life. To Live. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Life is a gift that says: “Hey, don’t just exist, but start living. Don’t just live, but Live More.” And it doesn’t matter if you live more at home or on the job. What matters is that you do it. Get Sweaty. Get Dirty. Get Messy. Get Spontaneous. Get Adventurous. Get Relaxed. Get Inspired. Get Appreciated. Get The Job Done. Because whatever you do to Live More, we’ll be there for you.

Brand promise

“We make living better.” is the Oras Group brand promise and we deliver on this promise through a consistent and seamless commitment to the following five core brand attributes: Quality, Modernity, Partnership, Ease and Well-being.  Oras brings this promise to life through the “Live More.” concept, being present in people’s lives and enabling them to make more out of it.

Why Oras?

We design products that improve the quality of life, both at home and in public spaces. Our products are designed to function in an environmentally friendly and reliable manner for the entire duration of their long life cycles. They are timeless in both form and functionality. We want to give everyone who uses our products the chance to Live More. To live a full, unique life.


Oras was established on 8th May 1945 in the city of Rauma, Finland by Mr. Erkki Paasikivi. Since its founding, the company has focused in high-quality design products featuring user-friendly technical solutions that contribute to savings of water and energy. As early as in the 1990s, Oras introduced the first touchless electronic faucets in the market.


Oras is the perfect partner by enabling professionals to Live More in their daily work by providing them with the tools and training needed, by being easily available, being easy to install, by having durable, quality products. Oras is the partner that helps to install and forget. Oras as a brand says: ”We’ve got your back.”

Active & encouraging

Oras is an enabler that help people to make more out of life. We are present in some of the most important and emotionally interesting situations, whether it’s making a dinner for your friends or simply washing off the signs of a life lived fully. Enabling people to enjoy life and to Live More.

Distinctive & differentiating

We constantly follow the trends to ensure a modern, appealing and recognizable offering. We believe innovative design can create better solutions and meet modern lifestyle and needs in new and original ways.