Oslo Airport chooses Oras again - Quality and reliability crucial

Touchless solutions from Oras Norway were chosen when Oslo Airport was extended 20 years ago, and chosen again for Terminal 2 when it was officially opened 27th of April 2017. “We are indeed very...


Swedbank Head Office, Vilnius, Lithuania

The modern office building consists of two 15 and 16 story structures and of a third lower structure, comprising of two blocks.

Housing industry

Shopping center Galeria Korona, Poland

Shopping center Galeria Korona, a modern landmark built near the city center in Kielce, Poland, is one of the many Oras' smart faucet references in 2012.


Sports & Leisure

Naantali Spa Hotel & Sunborn Yacht, Finland

Located by the sea, Naantali Spa Hotel is a popular business meeting, recreation and holiday destination. The Spa Hotel has also a unique, floating hotel Sunborn Yacht, a five-star cruise ship. In the...

Hotels & Restaurants

The new M/S Viking Grace – the greenest cruise ferry in the Baltic Sea

Representing the cutting-edge of the global cruise industry M/S Viking Grace was placed in traffic between the Finnish mainland, the Åland Islands and Sweden in January 2013. When designing the...

Public spaces

The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

Today, modern facilities are a necessity also in historical buildings.

Sports & Leisure

Tuuri shopping center, Finland

The details of Tuuri shopping center’s toilet facilities are all about quality and glamour.

Sports & Leisure

Helsinki Music Center, Finland

Built on the shore bank of Töölö bay, Helsinki Music Center is truly a combination of grandeur and excellent building work.

Sports & Leisure

The Bolshoi Theatre, Russia

World famous Bolshoi theatre was re-opened in October 2011 after an extensive six year renovation.

Sports & Leisure

Sanitary facilities of the Tallinn Song Stage, Estonia

The largest mass events of Estonia are held in the Tallinn Song Stage.

Sports & Leisure

Pirbadet – Norway’s largest indoor water park

The spectacular water park houses both swimming and fitness activities, which combine to attract around half a million visits annually.

Sports & Leisure

Greentoi-toilets for golf courses, Germany

Greentoi is an exceptional toilet concept, equipped with a complex and pollution free technology.

Sports & Leisure