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General terms for the use of Oras Ltd’s website

By opening the website of Oras Ltd, you commit to complying with the following terms of use. The use of the website is only permitted if you accept these terms. Additionally, separate terms of use may apply to individual documents on the website of Oras Ltd.

The copyright, database rights and other similar immaterial rights to the material on Oras Ltd’s website are the property of Oras Ltd or another party having granted the right to use the material. Even partial copying, transmitting, distributing, storing, reproducing, adapting, citing, forwarding or other utilisation of the material in any form whatsoever is forbidden without the specific written consent of Oras Ltd, unless otherwise stipulated later in these terms of use or otherwise specifically specified on the website with refer-ence to a specific part of the material.

Oras Ltd's website may be viewed via a computer (or a similar device), and parts thereof may be printed for the user’s own personal use. The use of the website for a private, non-commercial purpose is permitted. The use in mass media and other public commu-nication of press releases and other documents intended for the public domain and con-tained on the website is permitted, provided that the source of the information is men-tioned.

The website of Oras Ltd are presented as they are. Oras Ltd reserves the right to modify the content of the website or to limit access to it at any time. Oras Ltd gives no guarantee on the availability, accuracy, reliability or content of the website, or on the suitability of the content as an object of trade or for a specific purpose. Oras Ltd shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage, loss of profit or business interruption caused by any service offered by it on the website or the interruption thereof, even if Oras Ltd has been notified of the possibility of such damage. Oras Ltd shall not be liable for any damage caused by using its website even in the event that the damage relates to proprietary rights, copyright or other third party rights belonging to a party other than Oras Ltd. The liability of Oras Ltd is limited to that stipulated in the mandatory provisions of Finnish law. Oras Ltd shall not in any way be liable for the con-tent of the pages to which a link is provided from the website of Oras Ltd and which are prepared and published by parties other than Oras Ltd. The inclusion of such a link on the website of Oras Ltd does not indicate that Oras Ltd would in any way advertise such pages or the products or services mentioned on them. Oras Ltd cannot guarantee the functioning of links. If a link contained on Oras Ltd’s website refers to a page located elsewhere, it may be subject to such website’s own terms of use.

The names of products and companies on Oras Ltd’s website may be trademarks or commercial names that are registered or otherwise protected. Oras and the name of the products manufactured by it are trademarks of Oras Ltd. Access to the website of Oras Ltd does not entitle the user to use such trademarks or commercial names without the relevant right holder’s consent. Furthermore, a website user shall not be entitled to re-move references to copyright, trademark rights or right to a commercial name.

By sending material to one of Oras Ltd’s servers, e.g., by email or via the website of Oras Ltd, the sender undertakes to seeing to it that the material sent by him/her is not illegal or otherwise unsuitable for publication and that before transmission, the sender has taken reasonable measures to remove viruses or other harmful properties that may be contained in the material, and that the sender has title to the material or unlimited right to deliver it to Oras Ltd and that Oras Ltd may publish the material free of charge and/or incorporate the material or a part thereof in its own products and/or services free of charge. Furthermore, the sender undertakes not to present any claim to Oras Ltd based on the material sent by him/her. Oras Ltd does not verify the content of the mate-rial sent by the users of its website and shall not have any liability therefore it. At its dis-cretion, Oras Ltd may at any time remove from its website material sent by the users.

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